This short and simple course is a nice reminder of some of the basic principals that apply to the early years.

It is a free online program run by Open Universities and designed primarily as a short course for people who may eventually want to study further to work with young children in an educational setting.

The course is broken into short bite sized video tutorials (each with a simple question to show your understanding of the topic covered). It can be stopped and restarted at any time (great if you have limited child free time!) The content is well informed to Australian guidelines for the early years, but is not excessively challenging for anyone to complete.

While my ill youngest slept off her temperature on my knee I completed the first 2 modules on my phone, and am waiting for further units to be open as the month progresses. This little exercise isn’t so much about gaining a qualification (though I believe there is a nice certificate at the end!) but rather about refreshing your knowledge in some of the basic principals that you use every day while being around young ones. It also touches on a few things that you might like to look further into (for me this was refreshing myself on the UNHCR rights of the child, not essential reading for the unit, but a good aside and something that I don’t get the chance to think about too much!)

If you have a moment this is well worth the small amount of time it takes to perk up those listening skills and be reminded of the basics of best practices.

Happy studies!

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