My two young children have become my willing test subjects as we work our way through some of the best research into development in the early years. They delight in an array of excursions and activities, while I formulate a practice and report on my findings here.

Follow us on a journey through Early childhood from the perspective of teacher, student, child and parent.

If you have children in your life, you may like to follow us (here, or on Facebook) and join us in a year long program of activities designed to engage and inspire young minds.

Note some seasonal activities are based on our local (Tasmania, Australia) climate and culture, though most can be adapted to other areas.


Alternatively fellow educators may prefer to read about the most current research into the Early Years as I embark on my mission to obtain and share the knowledge possessed by some of our top practitioners.

Note most of this is contained under the Interviews category, and aims to provide an ever expanding resource of simple initiatives that you can apply to your practice.


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