ONLY 1 MORE DAY IN HOBART! I Think I Can – Free interactive event in Elizabeth St Mall.

Does your kid love trains or make believe? This is non invasive interactive theatre that the kids will delight in (and indeed, your tot will probably get this little world even more than you do as it awakens a sense of child’s play in all of us.)


Go to the centre of Elisabeth St Mall between 2PM – 5PM. (Big white tent, you can’t miss it). First you will be asked to fill in a short digital questionnaire (don’t worry, for the young non readers there is someone to read it out to them and help them in this task.) I found listening to my children’s answers very rewarding. Do they act based on their head, or their heart – do they listen more, or talk more? … their own self perception was surprisingly close to my own thoughts of them, and I delighted in watching them consider their answers.

Then comes the big question – do they want to be someone like themselves, or someone different? Both my children chose someone different and I ended up with a Public Relations Officer and a University Student.

Elka (4yo) was the University Sutdent, and we’ll follow her journey from here. She went with her little passport to the puppeteer who found her person and then talked to Elka about what she would like the Student to do. “Milk a Cow” was Elka’s unexpected answer, so the minture puppet was walked to the field (while this action was transmitted live to a screen to show the miniature world in full scale) and then a photo was taken to go in the local paper.

Elka left with her passport (that also has a link to show her how to view the news article when it is published) and here is that very article inspired by her story!

You can see more about the process by watching this video:

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