Hello, we’re home.


Apologies for the delay in posts, there was a degree of travel involved, and then a little recovery before we were back into the real world again. But we’re here and (other than a few too many references to our travel experiences to come in upcoming activities!) things are back to normal.


While we were away we continued our investigations into the world (learning how to plant rice, where rubber comes from, how to say ‘happy new year’ in Chinese, what Elephants like to eat, how big sharks really are, and what to do when you encounter wild monkeys…)


Needless to say we came back all the wiser, and there is no point in me talking endlessly about the benefits of traveling with children as often as is possible… However our focus on planned activities took a back seat during our travels. We still did meet pilots (and even had a chance to be one for the afternoon!) and we did see our feature creatures (penguins) up close and personal – but largely our program was forgotten as we adventured (and even more so forgetting to write any posts about it!).


We’re now back in the saddle and back into happily working our way though P, with a little E coming up just in time for Easter. I hope you can stay with us.


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